Best Numbers

A savabled counter attached to a joke at the expense of the vainglorious.

You may not be aware of what Mr. Donald Trump is up to these days – the man from the board game (which my family owned while I was growing up but, alas, did not have the business savvy to suffer through more than a couple times – as ill-designed as the Cashflow game was, the Rich Dad Poor Dad game was substantially more fun, and probably imparted more wisdom, although not more than could be contained in a single sentence) has cultivated quite an audience due to his successful reality television program wherein he is known for accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of firing an entrepreneur.

For some reason people keep reporting everything he says – and reporting on how odd it is that he said it, and that they’re reporting it! 

What a fantastic way to fill column inches!

I think recently we’ve been allowed a look behind the curtain. Mr. Trump in his typical meandering, abortive sentence structure, has quite correctly said that he’s highly educated and has quite a knack for words. And not just that he can clearly communicate details, but that he has the best words

Obviously, upon hearing this I was alarmed! If he has the best words, which ones could possibly be left for me? For our children?

Now, many of you may remark, well, he probably just meant he uses the best words. But a man who uses the best words would not make such an error, and I will not wait to find out what terrible ransom the best words will demand. 

So I’ve decided to corner the market in the Best Numbers. Now, you will use the numbers, but they will be mine, because I am operating the server. You can make the number. Increase it (power user tip: you can decrease the number by using a negative change). 

Make Numbers Great Again. 

As long as I have them.