Spend a little time on it every day, and surely you'll improve.

I’m not sure I have any new thoughts about working towards goals every day.

It’s a great idea. One minute of as many push-ups as you can manage every day, and soon you’ll be a primo push-up powerhouse. Read ten minutes a day, and you’ll be better read than almost anyone you know. Everyone already knows, we hear about it often enough to rarely forget, and we’d probably notice even if we didn’t hear about it.

I’ve tried to think of some clever thing to say, and I’ve largely come up with bromides that all sound vaguely familiar. Suffice it to say, a small step every day can add up to a large investment, and considering the cost of a couple minutes a day, it’s hard to imagine someone who values this highly enough.

I’ve made something to help keep track of these everyday, basic commitments. I hope you find it useful.