Lindsey Graham's Get Away with Ted Cruz's Murder Simulator

A stealth-based platformer featuring Senators Cruz and Graham in a fight to the death.

Lindsey Graham stars as the ultimate action villain in “Cruz’n’ for an Abusin’”, a small game based on the joke Senator Graham told about how the senate wouldn’t let anyone go to jail over Ted Cruz’s murder. 

My take is, the joke seems a little mean spirited. I get it, not a single human being likes him. But making fun of him for not having friends is elementary school stuff. Make fun of him for something else – it isn’t as though there isn’t enough material to work with. And he genuinely seems like a dick

But the nature of the joke was so odd, so specific, that it conjured in my mind an image I have yet to exorcise. So, with all possible respect to Senator Ted Cruz, please enjoy Ted Cruz’s “Help, I’ve Fallen Out of Favor And I Can’t Get Up: The Pre-Murder Mystery”. Don’t worry, I’ve made the graphics extra ugly – it’s very fancy art, and the ugliness is resonantly symbolic of the way they treat each other. It’s a blast!