Run and monitor a poll for free, without ads or upsells.

I really have very little clever to say about this, which is a shame because it’s one of the more technically involved things I’ve done for the blog so far. So let’s stick to why the other polling tools out there are no good, in ascending order of importance:

(1) Ads and up-sells. Lots of them, to the point that using an adblocker makes it looks awkward (and I think it’s clear my standards of webpage beauty are very achievable). There are paid options but that’s almost 100% markup – and they want your email so they can constantly harass you. This is a no-signup, no-ads tool that places nothing between you and actually administering (or taking) a survey. 

(2) They bother you with asking about what kind of user spam checking you want. You shouldn’t need to know or care about cookies, IP addresses, or whether you want a captcha (considering the new captchas don’t even involve clicking most of the time). You just want it to work. 

(3) Live updates on the management page, updating as new results come in. This is so useful that it was apparently crucial to convincing people to trust a completely fabricated study. I believe trust should be allocated to people who are trustworthy, so now all of us non-scammers have access to this too.

(4) They do not make it clear when the favorite is leading by a statistically significant margin. To say I built this just to get that blue box with “Statistically Significant” on it… would not be misleading.

All things considered, this is essentially the way I think polls and surveys should be done. Everything essential is done, and absolutely nothing else. Enjoy!