Rainbow Time: Time Tracker With A Colorful Window Into Your Life

Time tracker focused on the gestalt of how time is being used, using colors to represent a spectrum of possible activities.

Time tracking is very often used in an attempt to repair the damage done by a broken understanding of difficult creative work. Treating hours as a useful unit of work is no good. It’s indicative of buying into the bizarre premise of modern salaried employment: that we should be measuring work by a rate instead of a price. This creates bad incentives and essentially has people constantly insuring themselves against their own incompetence. Not a categorically bad idea, but a bad thing to do categorically. Capitalism is pretty good for deciding prices.

But time tracking for personal use has taken off as well, and I’ve found personal time tracking is frequently just a stripped down version of the business tools. So I’ve decided to make a time tracker that can give me an at-a-glance view of what I’m really spending my time on, without numbers and charts and data export and all that stuff distracting me. I don’t need hyper-precise data entry and export. I just want to know the general situation. 

Click on tasks to say you’re doing them. Everything else should be pretty obvious. 

Rainbow Time