One step at a time.

Multitasking is a curious thing. I’m generally very positive about tests of working memory, which multitasking certainly is, but perpetually doing more than one thing at a time seems like a recipe for mediocrity (yes, a terrible pun – but I’ve previously experimented with extremely focused and laborious mealtimes and have no bad things to say).

Focusing in on important things looks, feels, and is, weird. It almost doesn’t matter what that thing is. I try to avoid unchanging or monotonic priorities – which is just as well because I have totally non-overlapping interests and I’m trying to get better at scheduling my days out.

I realized that while I have a few checklists actually written down, most are informal routines that I’m less consistent with than I’d like because there’s so many things on them.

So I made something to help me do exactly one thing at a time. Focus, and move forward.