Smaller Tasks

You gotta problem (and tweet about it), I'll solve it. Check out the beat while the DJ revolves it.

I read Twitter. I don’t follow people, per se, I just occasionally go to their Twitter page and catch up. The form factor doesn’t make a slow web reading as easy as it could be, but it’s not terrible.

One of the people worth occasionally checking in with is Amy Hoy, a savvy product maker and business-person. One of the things she advocates is listening to customers and solving their actual problems. And watching them complain to each other is a great way to know what they care about. Then, fix the problems they care about.

So, in the spirit of service, I’ve solved a problem located directly in Amy Hoy’s twitter discussions. Another reader of Hoy’s complained about To-Do lists not letting you break down a task into smaller steps.

I’ve previously come at this in a different way, thinking that making increasingly minute outlines for your work was merely a way to delay actually doing the work. But I don’t think that’s always true – while I do enjoy the use of “tagging your To-Do List” as a synecdoche for all distraction-labor, this is a much more useful and much less prescriptive tool. And I’m actually using and enjoying it. Hopefully, others (including you) find the same.

Smaller Tasks