Task Exploder: Demolish Procrastination Whenever You Get Around To It

A to-do list that forces you to break tasks you want to procrastinate into smaller, easier steps.

Hesiod’s reminder to not put off work till tomorrow that you could do today is often cited as the first still-well-known statement about procrastination. But the phrasing illustrates a somewhat obvious point: when we procrastinate, it is mostly not to avoid doing something. It’s to delay doing it. We _crave_ that delay (perhaps because we imagine future-us as different from present-us, which is a curious idea, but until we can somehow meaningfully communicate how future-me is going to have all those same excuses but less time, I’m not sure it’s very useful). 

I think it’s also important to remember that we often procrastinate bigger, less structured, and more ambiguous things. A small, clearly understood task will, if sufficiently annoying, just get done, instead of being ignored. So why not make a tool that lets you buy that sweet sweet relief of delay at the price of providing those things to yourself?

I’ve built it!

There’s not too much going on that isn’t obvious, except: if you decide to procrastinate the first step of a long process by dividing it up into smaller parts, you are left with the uncomfortable choice of doing the parts out of order or breaking every following step into it’s parts before looping back around. This was (largely) intentional – we want the dissected tasks to go to the end of the queue so you can get your sweet relief from duty. I think the awkwardness in this case, where you procrastinate the very first step, is a perhaps fortunate side-effect of trying to do a very awkward thing. 

Task Exploder: Use Your Procrastination To Destroy It