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A moving bookmark system to help readers of serialized fiction online.

I’m a big fan of serialized fiction online. Regardless of your opinion of HPMOR, it would be hard to match the excitement of the Final Exam – the most exciting live event for fiction lovers I’ve ever experienced [warning: mad spoilers, don’t start with the final exam].

I think Unsong is nothing short of a masterpiece of modern fiction. If you aren’t reading it, you should be.

Worm is a model for what superhero fiction should be, in many ways – although if you can stomach lots of fast-paced fight scenes (I literally could not finish watching Avengers 2, so I understand I’m not the average audience member) The Zombie Knight is quite the page turner as well.

I’m also enjoying Mother Of Learning, perhaps the best time-travel novel available today (depending on how much you care about the time shenanigans being coherent – it’s also got a strong shonen vibe, so that might rub some people the wrong way). And plenty of others – a truly absurd number of talented fiction writers are giving away their art for free online, and I love to read what my favorite authors write in real time, along with other excited fans.

But the most common pitfall, as a reader, is that new updates to a story I follow are sporadic (as is my availability), and it can be hard to remember where I was. Sometimes the story has been finished for some time, and I read some and don’t come back to it for weeks. I could just check the last couple chapters, but that’s time consuming and runs the risk of spoilers. Browser bookmarks sometimes do the job, but I can’t always remember to remove the bookmark when I start reading, and putting the important bookmark in a place I’ll remember about requires a level of organization I don’t typically have for two-minutes-a-week hassle avoidance.

But now, all my problems are solved! Grab the bookmarklet and go to town on any of your favorite works, or if you’re an author, add it to your site and let everybody (even people who don’t read this blog) follow along just as easily.

Up To Current