Vices and Virtues

The sequel to the acclaimed daily admin webapp Offsets!

I’ve been using the Offsets app almost every day since I made it in September. I like the idea behind it, obviously, and I’ve found it to be a fantastic way to think about terrible, terrible things like flashcards (that are also essentially a superweapon in my attempt to learn Chinese without losing my mind). And that level of use has refined the tool – it’s been updated since that blog post to do the job better (once I learned what I wanted it to do better). And it’s still massively simple.

But then I realized I wanted to track programming too – it’s pretty fun but I think making an incentive for it only helps me get started. And I’d like to offset both of those against not just e.g. watching a video on YouTube, but against reading fiction, and a bunch of other things.

This got difficult to keep up, I ended up using the Offsets app plus some notes in my notebook for conversion rates. But those rates would change, because my priorities change, so my notes are filled with me crossing things out and replacing them or trying to keep track of where the latest rates are in my notebook. The whole thing seemed really silly for someone who makes tools like this for breakfast, or something.

After noodling a bunch of different ways it could work, I settled on this one. You track activities. Hopefully it largely makes sense. Click the point conversion rate to edit after you’ve already made it. There’s a timer there to help with goals that involve time spent. Should look and work good on mobile, which Offsets didn’t quite manage.

I hope you like it.

Vice and Virtue