Video Learner: Teach Yourself How To Dougie and/or Understand a Language

A tool to help loop over a video until you master a section, and move on.

I’ve long lamented my inability to Dougie. All I knew from the famous song was (1) you should put your arms forward and lean side-to-side, which is clearly not a comprehensive description, and (2) the demand for Dougie-knowledgeable teachers vastly outstripped supply.  

But I must admit with a heavy heart that I had all but forgotten about my desire to Dougie at an expert level. Self study just never seemed like a real option, and so the fire of my once intense desire had died down to mere embers. My desire to get better at listening comprehension in Chinese (a subject I’ve mentioned) was just the thing to stoke them back into the mighty flame we all know it should be. 

The idea is not that complicated. It’s the mechanization of my desire to repeat something until I’m comfortable with it, and then move on. Scrubbing through videos is a massive hassle when done this way, and I was less than enthusiastic about using the Shift-Left command in VLC that many times. 

This started as a follow-up to the last post, another language learning tool. But, full disclosure, while building it, my sample videos were all of notably skilled individuals dancing (worth noting that at least one of those is a joke – I’d prefer not to learn how to dance like an alien). Some day, the crippling lack of confidence I have in my dance abilities (I blame the Dougie-related setbacks lo those many years ago) will be diminished enough by my accumulation of shame that I will attempt these sweet dance moves. Until then, it’s me, alone, shades drawn, keeping the beat as I practice the moves bit by bit. 

Video Learner