Willpower Personal Records

A scoreboard for personal feats of will, with scorekeeping and an automatic time-record.

Willpower, even if not a depleting resource, does seem to be a skill that can be trained, and even the smallest steps help over time.  And I like the idea of having as much control over what I’m doing as possible (although I have no idea how much that would be, truthfully – only one way to find out). 

I’ve found that, for instance, endurance flashcards are almost perfect as a test of will: boring, yet useful. Reading non-fiction, again, is only sometimes interesting, but often useful far in excess of the entertainment downgrade. Blocking the fun parts of the internet. Posture. Smiling. 

These things are important to do and get better at, but easy to forget about. Are you keeping good posture longer over time? That’s the question when it comes to posture, yet I cannot recall a single person I’ve spoken to who would’ve ever known the answer to this, good posture or bad. 

So I’ve created a simple tool to help us remember, and see our stats go up over time. 

Willpower PR