A web version of a card game I learned in college.

There were only a few games I remember really enjoying in college. My university had giant games of Capture the Flag every week. Sadly, there isn’t a good way of capturing that on the web, not even with amazingly realistic graphics.

But another was Wizard, a trick taking game that solved the most annoying part of all trick taking games: that whether or not you had a good hand ended up mattering a lot.

Over time, of course, it could even out. But we weren’t keeping good records, there’s no way to even notice being good at many trick taking games. It could all just be luck.

But Wizard is played where you “bid” for how many tricks you think you can win this hand. Your score is determined by how often you get the bid correct, even if the bid is low, or even zero!

I knew some guys who were very good. It takes a bit of getting used to. But I thought I’d share a little web-version of my note-taking / scoring / dealing system so you guys could play it too.


P.S. I normally do not talk about how I build things on this blog. But in this case, I wrote about how I made it, at least in part, on the sister-blog FoxCrisis. Those posts have to do with the flexible ephemeral store backend that I want to use, at least, for all future games. I think that description is enough for you to figure out if it’s intolerably boring or interesting.